’Reddingsschip Aquarius are not welcome in Malta

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MADRID/VALLETTA – Malta is the reddingsschip the Aquarius does not allow to dock to refuel, stocks in store and the crew to replace it. According to the aid organization Doctors without Borders (Msf) the Maltese authorities no reason given as to why the ship is not allowed.

The Aquarius was earlier this month in the news when it was laden with more than six hundred from the Mediterranean Sea opgepikte migrants by Italy was refused. The ship sailed eventually forced to Spain, where the migrants from the ship were allowed to.

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The new Italian predominantly right-populist government of prime minister Giuseppe Conte wanted to send a signal to the rest of Europe, that the country is the influx of refugees is tired. The new Spanish government of prime minister Pedro Sánchez was keen to show its humanitarian face, and finally the migrants from the Aquarius for an asylum procedure.

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