Recordings of “The Colleagues 2.0” walk on their end

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The recording of “The Colleagues 2.0”, the new feature film from director Jan Verheyen, based on the concept of the legendary television series, the walk comes to an end. From the already filmed material was already a first teasertrailer.

Exactly 40 years after the start of the legendary series of Jan Matterne on the then BRT in 1978, the concept of “Colleagues” breathed new life into it. Director Jan Verheyen collected eleven new colleagues who day in and day out, obliged with each other must work together.

Ben Segers takes the role of Frank Van Praet (the character of Jean De Pesser in the series). Steve Geerts plays the head of Alexander The Great, Veerle Dobbelaere creeps into the skin of the director and Ikram Aoulad plays the executive secretary. Various other actors take the roles of the case managers for their account. It comes to Eva van der Gucht, Tatyana Beloy, Mathijs F. Scheepers, Mathias Vergels, Jurgen Delnaet and Loes Swaenepoel. Steph Goossens plays a logistics employee. Also a few “old-hands” will be shown in the film, namely, René Verreth, Nele Rosiers, Jaak Van Assche, Tuur De Weert, Nora Tilley, Agnes De Nul, Heddie Suls and Johny Voners.

Synopsis: The colleagues get a new head. Alexander wants the slabakkende department work together, but hits to indifference and resistance. As a last resort, he takes them on teambuildingweekend where it appears that there is more to the game than first thought…

The film will be available as from 12 december in the cinema to see.

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