Rapper Nelly breaks up with his father

3cec3c77a67d7b8e5fc0dac945193f45 - Rapper Nelly breaks up with his father

Nelly all ties with his father permanently, want to break through. Through social media, let the rapper know be ready to pay the pa’s bills.


“The same DNA makes you have no father! Mine’s never been to a sporting event came and saw me not succeed in school, while I was 20 year long care for him. Until the day of today does that man just what he wants, even if I have bills to pay. Well, that is now so past time,” said Nelly on Instagram.

“The word ‘father’ is a strong word, something I never the value have known because my father just did what he wanted. I hope that it was worth the pap, because there is no more money your way from me!”

In a subsequent message, praised Nelly for his mother, who, according to him, a role it has fulfilled in his upbringing: “I have deep respect for all mothers who is also a father ought to be. My mother taught me how a ball had to throw and catch, they are borrowed money for clothes for me to buy and was my biggest fan when I the stage had to enter. I love you, mom! Finally I understand it!”

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