Presenter, Nance Coolen had slight jitters for wedding day

Nance Coolen was for her wedding day, slightly tense, but was not too crowded. “You’re a little older so you something sober in,” said the 44-year-old presenter in News.

“But that is fine because you will experience it in one way or another, much more aware. And that makes it so beautiful,” says Coolen.

Nance’s son Robin had as ringdrager an important role. “I found that so special. I would almost anyone to want to recommend. First, go to children begin and then get married, with your child. It gives a whole extra dimension.”

Saturday stepped Nance tied the knot with Pico Sytzama. The two are already fifteen years together. It is not her first marriage, from 1995 to 2000, she was married to photographer William Rutten.


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