Pop star takes Russiagate on the heel

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AMSTERDAM – The Russian pop star EMIN has a new video clip, released with a spicy subject: Russiagate, or the alleged involvement of the Kremlin with the U.s. presidential election in 2016.

A screenshot from the music video of EMIN.

That is precisely EMIN this as the subject of a clip choose, is remarkable. The pop star was at the root of the much talked about meeting in Trump Tower in the summer of 2016 between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian advocate that ties with the Kremlin and that sensitive documents about Hillary Clinton could deliver.

In the clip are look-alikes to see Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka, Hillary Clinton, porn star Stormy Daniels, and even Kim Jong-un. So entertain EMIN and Trump are in a hotel room with a few schaarsgeklede girls to have fun and pay the pop star Stormy during an encounter in an elevator. Kim Jong-un is all the way at the end of the clip is staged, with a large bowl of popcorn in his hands while he laughing the whole Russiagate-story beholds.

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