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Plaice! UEFA (finally) alcoholverkoop in stadiums: “the End of tweeklassenmaatschappij”

8bcd93a18fb6a735a27e65fd1c39d558 - Plaice! UEFA (finally) alcoholverkoop in stadiums: “the End of tweeklassenmaatschappij”

The executive committee of the European football association UEFA allow the sale of alcohol in stadiums from the next season of the Champions League and the Europa League, with respect for the local and national legislation. Without “sales and distribution”, the French news agency AFP on Tuesday heard. Supportersverenigingen have the decision positively.

The change in the UEFA regulations is decided in the margin of the final of the Champions League at the end of may. Tuesday confirmed to UEFA that to AFP. The change is valid for all competitions of the European football association organizes, within the limits “of the local and national legislation”. Of the UEFA, alcohol may be sold in the stadium and in the immediate vicinity.

“The organiser of the competition must, in the determination of the sales and distribution policy for each contest, according to the rules take into account the profile of the supporters who will be present at the contest and with the associated risks,” said the UEFA. In function of the circumstances, “a prohibition or restriction on the sale and distribution of alcohol” to be decided.

“For a long time felt football supporters are unfair treated in comparison with supporters of other sports, such as rugby,” said Ronan Evain, CEO of Football Supporters Europe (FSE), a network of supporters from more than 40 countries collects.

“It is not the sport that you follow, that determines whether you’re better or worse behaves,” says Evain in a press release. “Moreover, it was the alcohol ban does not apply to VIP areas at football matches, what a tweeklassenmaatschappij even created within the stadiums. Supporters felt that the policy is paternalistic, since there is absolutely no evidence or research to suggest that the prohibition on alcohol in a stadium in any connection with it to avoid or curtail football-related problems in and around the stadium.”

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