Patricia Mine glad Vlemmix yet no two tons claims

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Patricia Mine is pleased to announce that Johan Vlemmix his claim of two tonnes have been withdrawn. “It is happy news. I am glad that he is so wise”, let Paays lawyer Johan Langelaar know in a comment.

Patricia Mine

He and Mine put their claim for a compensation of 30,000 euros. “That we certainly not drop,” says Langelaar.

Wednesday, the case between the former singer and the Local entrepreneur. Mine wants money because Vlemmix a life-size doll of her in the market wanted to bring. She states that her career in the doldrums is hit by the controversial distribution of a plasseksvideo and that Vlemmix that has abused to his trade to begin.

Langelaar, sees the case with confidence, although he closes not that there is still a settlement is not reached. It will, therefore, Vlemmix, according to the lawyer, however, quite in the pouch to erode.

Vlemmix let Monday know that he his claim, out of pity for Mine to drop. According to him, she is financially ’ not glorious’, and he wants her even more money. Also wanted Vlemmix show that he has good intentions and that he doesn’t get the money.

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