Olcay Gülşen sees himself as ‘leeftijdsloze woman’

12572e8596ad3886f35f440d02e17497 - Olcay Gülşen sees himself as 'leeftijdsloze woman'

Olcay Gülşen will always be new insights and feels this leeftijdsloos.

“I can no longer eat everything. I must be on my weight watch and also the question whether I have it or not have children should get a time answer. That is irritating, but I see myself as leeftijdsloze woman,” says the presenter (37) in conversation with The Telegraph.

The new understandings they through things in her life happen. “For example, the bankruptcy of my company’s Products. I used to think, only to be as strong as I always have but doorzette, but now I know that is also stop a lot of courage and dare to ask of you.”

The presenter at the last moment asked the program Better late than never , because Jamai Loman, who actually had to present, is struggling with kidney failure and a transplant must undergo.

“It is indeed all a bit spontaneous, but impulsive actions belong with me”, says Gülşen.


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