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Neymar is under fire in his own country: “He allows himself to fall quickly”

946a3498e5ded3d017a156851be196a9 - Neymar is under fire in his own country: “He allows himself to fall quickly”

Neymar in contacts to fall easily. He should take an example of Lionel Messi, which is a lot firmer on his legs. That will at least Neymars compatriot Naldo.

“Neymar should cease with the first contact on the ground. Therefore, deprives himself of good opportunities. He should stop doing it,” says the 35-year-old Naldo, a central defender four times for Brazil came out, and today the battle is at Schalke 04. He also played for years at Werder Bremen and Wolfsburg.

Naldo believes that the PSG striker is an example should take on Lionel Messi, his former team mate at Barcelona. “Neymar must learn from Lionel Messi! Who plays in such moments just go on, does not let itself be fooled. For a defender is something much more difficult to deal with. It brings you to the doubt. And, by continuing to play creates Messi chances for himself and his team.”

Father Neymar had been calls to stop with the insults

Neymar and Brazil so far is still not convincing at the world cup. After a 1-1 draw against Switzerland was followed by a hard fought 2-0 victory against Costa Rica, with a goal of Neymar. The Brazilian star, who in the run-up to the world cup due to injuries long out, was in Russia quite a bit of criticism because he is too theatrical to be playing.

A few days ago, called his father, Neymar Senior, still on a truce on social media. There was his son a lot of blame flung. “Take it quietly. Stop with insulting people. If you Neymar wants to support, then do it positively,” he said in a message that was published on the website of

Tomorrow/Wednesday (20h), Brazil is in Moscow against Serbia in his last groepsmatch. The Seleçao shares in group E lead with Switzerland. They have four points, one more than Serbia. Costa Rica is still on zero and is disabled.

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