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NEO-price analysis: is Why the Coin has risen in the last few weeks, so strong

9e490ce8c957eb28575a49f8cbb8a63f - NEO-price analysis: is Why the Coin has risen in the last few weeks, so strong

The NEO-price has increased in the last two weeks rapidly. On 24.09.2017 a Token was 16,54 Euro value. On 02. October, there were already representing 31.16 euros per Token. Thus, the value had doubled and within 2 weeks almost.

Currently (as of 09.10.2017) 26,12 Euro for a Coin. At times, the price has fluctuated in the last few days, but greatly.

The cause for the rapid rate in the last few weeks, an Interview of the CEO’s Because Hongfei of NEO increase was probably that a cooperation with the Chinese government in the future is quite possible. After publishing the interview, the course climbed to the top. Also, to hear that There Hongfei should have advised the Chinese government during the temporary ICO-ban in September 2017. The possible cooperation and the (possible) close contact to members of the Communist party in China caused a euphoria in the investors.

As China pursues a strict policy of isolation and protection of the domestic economy, there seems to be hope that NEO is similar to the Chinese Tech giant’s WeChat (the Chinese Facebook Messenger) and Alibaba (Chinese Amazon) could be the Chinese Equivalent to Ethereum.

From our point of view, this is a quite reasonable hope. The relationship between Chinese politics and NEO should intensify, could NEO get a further price jump, and the Chinese Equivalent of Ethereum.

The fluctuations of the witnesses of our point of view, the rate is rising quickly. In this respect, it seems to be only for course corrections.

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