“My husband has given his life for the life”

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Vidra Mehrannia, wife of Djalali (middle)

VUB-rector, Caroline Pauwels and Flemish minister-president Geert Bourgeois (N-VA) have once again their full support to the in Iran sentenced to death VUB-guest lecturer Ahmadreza Djalali and his wife. “He has given his life for the life.”

Numerous attempts to Djalali freeing of his impending death penalty in Iran have until now little was delivered. Both the Flemish government, if the federal government, but the United Nations and the Swedish and Italian government did all in its release. “I had last week had a meeting with the Iranian vice-president have called for the suspension of the death penalty,” said Geert Bourgeois, this morning at a press conference, in the presence of the wife of Djalali. ‘There was a revision of his sentence promised and grace be requested, but until today we have no answer.”

“Children want reunification’

The wife of Djalali, Vida Mehrannia, is today in our country, to get more support for her husband. They went this morning in the Flemish Parliament, where Bourgeois and chairman Jan Peumans her together with VUB-rector, Caroline Pauwels and colleagues at the VUB Gerlant Van Berlaer her have received. ‘Everything shows that he is innocent, ” said Mehrannia. “He has given his life for the life (Djalali is a spoedarts, eds.). The contact with him is very difficult, we can just call. My children and I want family to be reunited with a wonderful husband and loving father.”

Ayatollah to put

Peumans and Bourgeois confirmed again the support of the parliament and the government. Bourgeois and Pauwels looked explicitly to the European institutions to continue to put pressure on Iran. “I had previous weekend talks with the Iranian vice-president and the civilian leadership, but the ayatollah is the one who is really to say. We have to exert pressure, to let them realize that they are the EU desperately need. But with the trade to stop we must not do, economic sanctions have in the past to no purpose.’

Pauwels expects a public statement of the European Parliament and the European Commission against the condemnation of Djalali. Vida Mehrannia has today contacts with EU mps, including Guy Verhofstadt (ALDE).

Spying for Mossad

Djalali is since april 2016 fixed in Iran. He lived since 2009 with his family in Sweden, where he for the Karolinska Institute worked. As a specialist in disaster medicine, he was also a guest lecturer at the Free University of Brussels and an Italian university. He was in Iran on a business trip, when he was arrested. He was taken to the Evin prison, was transferred, where he was three months in solitary confinement was. He was his lawyer and was tortured so that he would ‘confess’ that he is a spy. He is suspected of spying for the Israeli secret service, the Mossad. On 21 October last year, he received the death penalty.

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