Metalfestival Alcatraz strictly Limp Bizkit

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The Kortrijk metalfestival Alcatraz has with Limp Bizkit’s last headliner fixed, and finish it the poster. That reports the organization today. Alcatraz takes place on 10, 11 and 12 August.

Alcatraz is in recent years doing a verbredingsoperatie. Where, until recently, space was made for heavy metal and hard rock, there are a lot of genres and styles have been introduced, such as nu metal. That was last year, supported by Korn, and this year, with Limp Bizkit, known for hits like “nookie”, “My Way” and “Rollin”. The American band around Fred Durst is back, and that they have proven last weekend still at Graspop.

“Now, metal has origin created with the hokjesdenken within metalkringen. The older metalhead evolved, now together with your son or daughter to the young violence, and runs itself with the chest forward when the kids is a band from pa or ma like. You see the youth more and more are popping up on concerts of, say, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Judas Priest, Metallica, Iron Maiden or Slayer. The result is that in 2018 no one looks up to a fusion of rock/metal and rap. This is the potpourri of overlapping genres to become”, according to the organization.

The poster is now around with on Friday, bands like Status Quo and Dee Snider, on Saturday, Dimmu Borgir and Limp Bizkit, and on Sunday, Helloween and In Flames. Last year attracted Alcatraz to 25,000 music fans to Kortrijk.

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