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Messi and Rojo steal the show on the field, Maradona is next to it

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Diego Maradona manages still to keep the attention to themselves. That was during the party of Argentina against Nigeria is no different. The eccentric ex-player and ex-coach of the South Americans went in with their very own style loose after the goal from Lionel Messi, who his country in the first half to lead kicked. But in the final stage of the second half went ‘Fell’ about the wrote when Argentina the 1-2 winning goal scored…



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A cry that to in Buenos Aires was heard, the poor first widely spread, and then crossed across the chest. Maradona was blissfully happy when Messi nets did vibrate. For the match he had already extended waved to his fans. Maradona had in the run-up to the match also have good words for Messi. “There is nothing to be ashamed of either. Nothing is your fault. I love you and will always respect”, she said.

With the break in sight, had ‘Fell’ as a dip, Maradona was already sleeping spotted in the stands of Zenit Arena in St. Petersburg. Undoubtedly a powernapje to up again after everything from the cabinet. Unfortunately, it was Nigeria that after the rest scored…

… but eventually drew Argentina at the longest end. Maradona went from the roof of his house, and about the wrote, with two raised middelvingers. Undoubtedly aimed at the haters of Argentina.

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