Marco Borsato member of the jury for National Geographic

062300fdfd4d482fae0fd9a8a9afdaec - Marco Borsato member of the jury for National Geographic

Marco Borsato is his knowledge on photography to use in the National Geographic photo Contest. Together with Sacha de Boer assess this year’s entries in the three categories of Man, Animal and Landscape.

Marco Borsato

The singer, who since his participation in The perfect picture in 2016 itself also shoot a lot, particularly looks forward to the entries in the category Man. “I’ve always really had the need to the people that I see and meet in my life, that sometimes volatile and quickly,” says Newcomer to the AD. He looks very much forward to the contest. “I’m sure that the very special is going to be, and a huge inspiration for me.”

For the former journalist, Sacha de Boer is the fourth time that they take a seat in the jury. The photographer looks mainly to the technique behind the photo. “We evaluate that we have the background, or the creator of the photo know. It really is about the quality. The story behind the photo, that we hear later, is really a bonus.”

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