John Legend asks Trump to reunification

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The immigrantencrisis in America continues to continue, and that is John Legend a thorn in the eye. The singer, who is no fan of the American president Donald Trump, asks the government via Twitter ’the families with each other to reunite, so that you then can eat’.

John Legend

This refers John to White House spokesperson Sarah Hackabee Sanders, who last week was refused in a restaurant in Virginia, because of the immigration policy. “You can’t expect the signs on the ground to throw, to there and then to eat. If you like civility expected in the evening, you need it during the day to temper with,” says John.

It is not the first time that the Grammy-winner is openly speaking out against Trump. Both he and his wife Chrissy Teigen ventilate their views on the current government regularly via social media and who’s lying. President Trump has Teigen at a given moment, even checked on his Twitter account.

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