Johan Derksen dissects talk show Henry Schut

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Johan Derksen makes itself the program VI Orange Stays at Home and is not afraid to concullega’s from that other world cup talk show Studio Russia, the NIS and also to analyze.

Johan Derksen

He gives his criticism in the conscious talk show, which he produces with his VI colleagues Wilfred Genee and René van der Jibe. The talk show of Henry Schut, he finds ’really terrible’. “We have an editorial board, at least on the days we are not there, that only dorpsidioten acquisition and the NOS get them only the most boring people of the Netherlands.”

So he finds the talkshowhost itself but boring. “If you can’t sleep: watch a half-hour to the NOS and your snores happily away. It is not to believe?.” Also of Hugo’s Breast he is not happy. “Hugo is there as a type of our lord with a bun in his neck. That radiates all the way that football is totally below his level, but that he is there but sit down because it is a few pennies.”

He gained acclaim by René van der Jibe. Studio Russia-analyst and footballer Rafael van der Vaart was still a sneer of Nico Dijkshoorn: “I find him so boring. He says so often that he doesn’t know, or ehh… It’s not someone that I have in my hands, rub it and think: good, Rafael is going to analyze.”

Yet the viewers don’t agree with them: Studio Russia last night attracted 1.2 million viewers, while VI Remains Orange at Home with just a half needed to do.

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