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IOTA at the Post office to buy? From now on in Austria!

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The adaptation of crypto currencies is very important for their proliferation and to increase awareness in the public life of all people. In Austria, the German crypto-currency IOTA can be some of the post offices of the country of purchase. This possibility is developed in cooperation with the Exchange Bitpanda.

The Austrian Association of crypto-currency exchange Bitpanda has recently announced the listing of Komodo (KMD) and the German crypto-currency IOTA known. On Bitpanda other digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin, Cash and Dash can be purchased.

Bitpanda has announced yesterday on Twitter that both Komodo as well as IOTA for cash at some Austrian post can be purchased. The verification E-Mail ID is required, so that the Coins can be transferred to the Wallet of Bitpanda.

This is only a small step on the long path of adaptation, however, helps each small piece in the big Puzzle. As we reported ready, allows you to Farm from Switzerland, the payment of farm goods with the help of IOTA. Every little step is bringing crypto-currencies into the Mainstream.

Bitpanda To Go is purchased, a Service of the stock exchange for the vouchers in the amount of 50€, 100€ or 500€, and then against crypto-currencies can be exchanged. The Cryptocurrency ends up directly in the inegrierten Bitpanda Wallet.

Dominik Schiener will be translated the next time he is in Austria, IOTA’s at the Post office to buy (free):

The next time I’m in Vienna, I will definitely buy IOTA at the Post office. Excellent Work Bitpanda Team!

Bitpanda shows in order to be innovative as a Board and Komodo, as well as IOTA in touch with people who just want to do a post.

In the course of IOTA moves, in line with the current market trends, within the last 24 sideways, and recorded at the time of writing (10:00), a minimum rise of + 1.19 per cent on a price of 0.85 Euro. With a market capitalization of 2,364 billion euros IOTA writes again in front of TRON.

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