In appeal against acquittal diamantroof

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BRUSSELS – The Public Prosecutor appealed the acquittal last month of eighteen suspects of the diamantroof at the Brussels airport in 2013. It had prison sentences of one to eight years is required, but the court said all free due to lack of evidence.

It went to fifteen men and three women. The case against the presumed main suspect, Marc Bertoldi, must still be treated. He sits in a French prison for a kidnapping case. When the roof was 37 million euros in diamonds looting.

At least eight armed and masked persons penetrated on 18 February 2013 the airport with a van inside and drove up to the plane, a Swiss air carrier. There was a car of a security company that the boxes with diamonds ready to be transferred to the hold of the plane. Within a few minutes were the perpetrators with their booty, disappeared.

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