Heather Locklear rushed to hospital

839bddaadcd842b967ea2a1587f8a687 - Heather Locklear rushed to hospital

After last Monday, was again arrested, for attacking a police officer and ambulancebroeder, is Heather Locklear now rushed to the hospital.

The 56-year-old Melrose Placeactress would be an overdose, just after they are out on bail, was released from prison, reports TMZ.

After a disturbing phone call came in to 911, spoedde an ambulance to the house of the actress, where she is in such bad condition was found immediately decided was her take.

According to the latest messages would Locklear now stable again and she gets the treatment she needs at this time.

It goes for a while, and pretty bad with the actress. Late Sunday, the police are called by a family member of Locklear, who under the influence would have been. When the agent arrived and tried to Locklear of her family to separate, shared the actress a blow out. Also an ambulance was called. One of the brothers got a kick when he tried Locklear on a stretcher.

The week before that, the actress still forced included in a psychiatric hospital because they are unstable and threatened themselves what to do. At the end of February, she was also arrested for the assault of a agent.


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