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Half of women in culture and the media sector experienced challenging behaviour

Half of the women in the culture and media sector has over the past year, challenging behaviour experience. Usually, inappropriate sexual or sexist comments, but in the cultural sector, reported a quarter also unwanted physical advances. In the media sector is that one woman in five. The flemish minister of Culture and Media Sven Gatz (Open VLD) is scared and promises to be an action plan.

A study by research group CuDOS (Department of Sociology of the university of ghent (UGent) show that the problem of unacceptable behaviour in the culture and media sector is large. For example, the half of the surveyed women that they the past year challenging behaviour have experienced. That is usually communicative behaviour, say inappropriate sexual or sexist comments.

But it’s not limited to comments only. For example, 1 in 4 women in the cultural sector that over the past year, unwanted physical or sexual advances have experienced. Four percent say that they are forced or blackmailed, for sexual contact to have.

In the media sector, the figures are slightly lower: 1 in 5 women reported unwanted physical or sexual advances to have experienced. 3 percent was forced or blackmailed for sexual contact to have.

Few reports

The survey also shows that victims of cross-border behavior of this little report. For example, only 17 percent of the persons who were forced or blackmailed to sexual contact that they are a formal notification have been done, for example, to a counselor or the police.

Flemish minister Sven Gatz is ‘very surprised’ by the figures. He had in the aftermath of the #metoo-movement and the case around the tv-figure Bart De Pauw, and the subsequent messages and testimonies about cases of misconduct, an investigation is promised. “These results are bad. This makes the need to take action to go to only larger, ” he says.

The Open VLD minister comes up with a plan of action. So he wants to first and foremost, the hotline 1712 strengthen and well known in the culture and media sector. There will also be an ombudsman for the culture and audiovisual sector. And in 2019 will there be an awareness-raising campaign where BV’is the assigned mentors will record. Minister Gatz for his action plan 102.500 euros.

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