Had Bryan Adams in a relationship with princess Diana?

7c41855b8ab0c4b4104dc0fdee0199fc - Had Bryan Adams in a relationship with princess Diana?

Bryan Adams was in the program of Andy Cohen quite embarrassed when asked about his alleged relationship with princess Diana. The singer did not know what he had to say and denied nor confirmed the rumor.

Andy asked Bryan: “Her butler told me that he you sneakte in Kensington Palace. How would you relationship with princess Diana describe this?” Bryan replied as follows: “We were great friends. Diana left me to slip, I simply came just for that.”

When Andy starts talking about or they are friends with benefits, says the singer: “She was just… we were good friends.”

Previously told an ex-girlfriend of Bryan, Bond Girl Cecilie Thomsen, all of that he deceived her had with Diana and that was the reason of their break-up.

They’re in a relationship or not, Bryan was at least under the impression of the princess. He wrote the song, ’Diana’, which is about his fascination for her.

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