Hackers prepare to attack Ukraine’

88182e99a2bd18a4d0d0bedddcd54d04 - Hackers prepare to attack Ukraine’

KIEV – Russian hackers currently place the basis for a comprehensive attack on the computer systems of Ukrainian companies. They put up with malicious software “back doors” open to be coordinated and on a large scale, to strike. That says, the chief of the police department dealing with cyber crime.

Almost a year ago, on 27 June, was through Ukraine, the so-called notpetya-virus, is distributed worldwide to computer files to erase. Even now, according to Kiev several companies, including banks and energy companies. It seems that the hackers are planning the malware that go unnoticed within is channeled on a particular day to activate.

The cyberpolitie works with foreign authorities to get the computer hackers to track it. The first traces of their activities were already at the beginning of this year discovered.

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