Fuss to ” God is really stupid pronunciation Duterte

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The Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte has God ‘stupid’. That falls badly upon his faithful subjects.

Of the more than one hundred million population of the Philippines is more than 90 percent christian. Thereof, the vast majority (about 83 million Philippines) catholic. But that kept the nation’s president in a speech to government officials large questioning God and creationism.

To kick off did Duterte with the notion that humans as sinners to be born, as a ‘very silly proposition’. Also about the Almighty had Duterte very little good to say. “Who is that stupid God?’, he wondered. “He is really stupid. First, you create something perfect on its books, and then you think up something to help you it all threatens to destroy.’


Duterte’s popularity may plummet by his statements, with a vast majority of the christian population, which this time is indeed critical outlets about their president. However, the Philippines Duterte in the past, continue to support, despite heavy lash out against including women and lgbt. He pulled out even a couple of times to Church. So cursed Duterte in 2015 pope Francis since his arrival to massive traffic congestion had led.

Monday remained Duterte behind his statements. In a written response stated he is frustrated by the criticism of religious policies, in particular, an Australian missionary that Duterte wants to tell. According to Harry Roque, a spokesman of Duterte, but the president’s anger because he in his youth by a priest was being abused.

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