Frontman Ray Davies: ’The Kinks come together again’

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It seems that one of the longest feuds from the pop music on: Monday unveiled frontman Ray Davies of The Kinks that the band for the first time in more than twenty years to get back together.

The 74-year-old Ray told Channel 4 that he is in the studio to record with his brother Dave Davies and band member Mick Avory, what the solution turned out to be for the years of troubles between the two brothers. In the nineties, fell to the band, who since the sixties had been successful, permanently from each other. “The problem is that Dave and Mick also never well with each other and could get along. But I have made sure that in the studio only but beneficial: I showed them harder to play with fire.”

According to Davies, the group makes after all these years, a new Kinks album. The frontman hopes that he is on the album, the fiery moments in the studio, well able to grasp it. And they are now officially together? “Officially, we are that… later in the pub.” Their reunion is not as well organized as that of The Rolling Stones, are a source of inspiration, ” he says. “They have done amazingly well and that is inspiring. But The Kinks will probably later, especially in the local bar to play.”

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