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Ethereum Killer TRON is now on its own two feet

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On 31.05.2018 the Migration of the TRON Tokens began on its own Blockchain. Yesterday, the Mainnet was officially activated and TRON will be running from now on, no more on the of Ethereum, but on its own Blockchain. This day is a major milestone within the TRON Community.

The developers of TRON required nearly 4 weeks to ensure a smooth and flawless Migration can take place on the new public TRON-Blockchain.

Yesterday was celebrated the ‘Independence Day’, as the Name suggests, the entry into a new independent life of the crypto-currency TRON section. TRON is thus independent of the Ethereum Blockchain, and not more than ERC20-Token, but on it’s own Blockchain running.

According to this blog post was activated yesterday the Mainnet and a 12 hour Livestream of the stakeholders and the Community were informed about the latest and most important Updates.

TRON had adorned many times in the past in order to be better, faster and more innovative than the Ethereum Blockchain. During several test runs, it should be possible to process up to 10,000 transactions per second. Furthermore, there is within the new network, no transaction fees.

The TRON Blockchain is also a perfect environment for the development of dApps and a Paradise for many programmers. Whether or not the TRON is able to convince the Blockchain actually in the long term, it remains now to be seen.

With the help of carried out Airdrops TRON had been trying since a long time, to inspire Ethereum owner for TRON and to lure you into his Community. In the future, but can convince the project not by gifts, but by performance.

Of course, TRON is at the time of writing at 0.035 Euro and recorded a minimal decline of – 1.98%. With a market capitalization of 2,303 billion euros TRON falls back temporarily on the 11th place of the largest crypto-currencies, behind the hotly debated currency Tether,.

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