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Envion-founder win a court case against CEO

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After a whole day of uncertainty, as the regional court of Berlin, negotiated on the decision of the case, “Envion Founders against Van Aubel and Matthias Woestman”, it was announced the verdict, finally, the founders have won the injunction, and thus the sale of company shares is prevented.

This news was published on the Website of the Envion the founder and stated that the defendant, square Capital and Sycamore GmbH, are to you for all damages, guilty and liable. Matthias Woestmann, the Envion CEO, and could even be imprisoned if he and his co-conspirators violated the injunction.

Shortly thereafter, Michael Luckow shared this news in the Telegram group of Envion founder.

The reaction of the investors did not have to wait long. Many congratulated the founders, some of the thanked. “Wow … I love you,” said David Thompson, one of the members to the Telegram group. The joy and relief goods within the Envion community felt.

Brief summary of the events

After the German Blockchain Startup Envion had gathered this year more than 100 million dollars in a successful ICO round, it was on the verge of collapse. Allegations of fraud have grown on the various Social Media channels.

The Swiss-based company wants to bring clean energy in the crypto world. Originally from Berlin, wants to Envion deliver intelligent, scalable off-grid solutions to maximize the use of renewable and traditional energy in the world. The project won in accordance with the announcements of partnerships with German companies and politicians, as well as the Fraunhofer Institute, the largest Institute for solar research, and Smart Grids in Europe, to travel. Envion is also certified to comply with both Swiss and American laws with respect to ICOs.

After rumors of a dispute between the CEO of Envion, Matthias Woestmann and the founding team, the investors start due to the ongoing dispute, to lose confidence in the company. According to a spokesman of the founders, Laurent Martin, problems occurred with the CEO, even before the ICO began last year.

Woestmann, who is not part of the founding team, allegedly refused his share of the shares of the company after the founders had him transferred to the temporary control of these shares. He then proceeded to distribute the shares of the other owners, which made him full control over the funds collected in the ICO’s gave.

A defendant CEO is missing at the hearing

As a reaction to the actions of Woestmann the founding team of Envion has requested a court hearing.

Matt Woestmann and his lawyer, Van Aubel, however, are not appeared at the court hearing last Thursday. In spite of the absence of Mr Michael Luckow, the representative of the founder, however, your case.

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