Dutch government takes children Syriëstrijders back

dbefbb3aa31840f9873b53394ff2dde0 - Dutch government takes children Syriëstrijders back

The Dutch government insists that it is dangerous for children to recover from the war zone in Syria and Iraq.

The Kinderombudsman insisted these children from their precarious position to save, but minister Ferd Grapperhaus of Justice and Safety is on. However, consult over the matter with the Red Cross and the Kurds in Northern Syria, but not with the intention of the children to return home.

In the combat zone and in refugee centres in the area to stay according Grapperhaus at least 175 children with a Dutch link. They are usually landed because their parents are in the terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS) or any other post have connected.

The Kinderombudsman find that the Netherlands is required to protect children and therefore actively need to recover.

Grapperhaus raised just last month, the impression that he’s still that desire to meet wanted to come, even though the government had from the outset said little for the children to be able to do. The minister came them back later. He had to his emotions too much free reign to left.

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