Dina Tersago to FOUR

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This fall, Dina Tersago back on tv to see a new season of Farmer Seeks Woman that they together with An Lemmens and her program “Pop-Uprechtbank” is under construction. But the former leading ladies of VTM also goes for FOUR works. Last fall was Dina Tersago already at FOUR to see The Smartest Man In the World and two months ago, it was one of the guests at Gert Late Night. Wanted to FOUR at that moment to test whether the viewers Dina Tersago could flavors? In that case, it was the test without a doubt positive because next spring, the former Miss Belgium to her own tv program on FOUR know. “I help couples in one of the most important decisions in their life”, bloklettert Day All above the article on page 16. Dina is people do not help their marriage, her new program also has nothing to do with pregnancies to make but with the purchase of a house. “Buying Blind” is the working title of the program that is a kind of Blind Married for houses. In that program, and trust six couples their money to a broker and interior designer for the candidates to go in search of their dream home and also setting up. Not unimportant detail: the couples get their purchased house only to see if the experts have bought. Hope this works out! “Sometimes the demands are too high, the expectations are not realistic or dare a couple of the knot changes, out of fear for a bargain”, responds Dina in Day All. “But what happens when couples is one of the most important decisions without any control from the hands? Together with them, I’m going to follow how they use stress and pressure coping, on the way to hopefully a perfect dream home. But the road will be difficult and not without compromise. I will be the partner of the couples and see if their new house their new home.”

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