Dina Tersago makes his debut at FOUR

74dbb94dac0a03bf8d6e309c6b5b1deb - Dina Tersago makes his debut at FOUR

The television career of Dina Tersago has a boost. This fall, she takes the bones back in the VTM programme ‘Farmer Seeks. Woman – Around The World’. Next spring she is presenting for the first time a program on FOUR.

It would be nice to have in the future another great program to present, so I’m at the end of my career, not only ‘that of a Farmer Seeks. Wife, ” am”, said Tersago few months back still in this. And so it came to pass! Tersago will soon couples guide to a very important moment in their lives: the house hunt. In ‘House of Hands’ laying six couples their happiness and their money in the hands of a broker and an interior decorator.

In this experiment, is their dream home, ‘Blind Married-wise, for them searched. “The immo-offer in Flanders is often limited,” says the presenter. “Many fish in the same pond. Nothing frusterender than as a candidate-buyer just to late and your dream home on your nose over to see.” Finding a home is an exciting event. More exciting still when the couples to their house only to see when the experts have already purchased. FOUR plays often in to live, build and grow. As we saw under more ‘Our First Home’ and ‘Huizenjagers’. There, they build up in the channel aware. The format “House Hands,” was previously aired in Denmark (as ‘Buying Blind’), and provided succescijfers. Meanwhile, we have also Endemol Shine Australia and RTL Nederland, the format purchased. “I am particularly proud that SBS this new exciting programme for Flanders for FOUR can get,” says program director Annick Bongers. The never-before-seen format was appreciated well on the televisiebeurs in Cannes.

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