Demonstrators paint Berlin plein yellow

b8668fa976c7fb163cf5c6e9b83587a4 - Demonstrators paint Berlin plein yellow

BERLIN – Activists from the environmental group Greenpeace, which oppose the use of coal, in Berlin, as a protest to the pavement of a prominent square painted yellow. The roundabout around the Siegesäule (Overwinningzuil), west of the Bundestag, is edited with 3500 gallons of yellow paint which, according to Greenpeace, washable and eco-friendly.

From above the yellow roundabout, a sun proposals. The activists have, therefore, their battle ‘sun instead of coal’.

In the Bundestag bows a special commission on the abolition of coal as a fuel for generating power. According to Greenpeace, the commission is working too slowly. A problem is that in parts of the country many people work in coal mining. In the commission sit representatives of companies, trade unions, conservationists, scientists and politicians. If they concur, must be there before the end of January next year and plan when and how the country ends with the burning of coal.

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