Death sentence of Sudanese converted into imprisonment

2523e5afad5330b871ef79abdafa7b03 - Death sentence of Sudanese converted into imprisonment

KHARTOUM – The death sentence against a nineteen-year-old Sudanese who is her husband in self-defense to the kind of life, is by a judge, destroyed. Noura Hussein has instead five years in prison. That Amnesty International to let them know.

The woman killed her husband when he wanted to rape. Her father had Hussein forced with Abdulrahman Mohamed Hammad to marry when she was sixteen. The Sudanese law allows children from their tenth year of marriage.

After the marriage contract was signed, was Hussein forced her husband to go live. When she sex with her man refused, he asked two brothers and a cousin to help him her to rape. Hammad wanted to her again the next day to rape. The woman fled then to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and stabbed her husband during a fight death.

Noura Hussein is since may of 2017. At the end of april was the death sentence against Hussein pronounced.

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