David Lynch: “Trump would history may go down as one of the greatest presidents”

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Say is American director David Lynch will never “into politics”, but the man behind “Twin Peaks”, “Bluet Velvet” and “Lost Highway” in an interview with The Guardian now, nevertheless some of his thoughts ventured.

In the run-up to the US presidential elections of 2016 he supported Bernie Sanders, so you could read it on his Twitter. But he eventually voted in favour, he does not know more. He thinks the Libertarians, because he likes the “freedom to do what you want”. About Donald Trump has Lynch also had his doubts. “He would, the history may go down as one of the greatest American presidents, because it is so much unrest has caused,” said the 72-year-old Lynch. “No one can against him to elaborate in an intelligent way. Trump is perhaps itself not doing well, but our so-called leaders are not able to the country to grow or to get something done. The are just kids and that has to Trump evidence.”

Trump rejoiced Monday on Twitter about the statements of Lynch and came there in the evening on the back during a campagnevergadering in South Carolina. The article, “says he on Bernie Sanders voted for it, but now he says (…) that Trump is perhaps the right choice had been”, feleciteerde Trump himself. “His Hollywood career is officially over,” said the president, referring to the opposition of a large part of the filmmaking compared to his person and his politics.

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