Couple gets 30 years for murder at au pair

0568155ce247c4ec83d70c4a39803e8b - Couple gets 30 years for murder at au pair

LONDON – A couple from London on Thursday to thirty years in prison convicted for the torture and murder of their French au pair Sophie Lionnet. The woman of the couple was obsessed by the delusion that her ex-boyfriend, former Boyzone singer Mark Walton, and the au pair samenspanden to people misusing it in the house of the couple.

The couple tortured and interrogated the victim for days to get a confession to get loose. Eventually they decided the girl to kill. Then burned her body in the garden. The mortal remains of the au pair, on 20 september last year found.

The court in London called the accusation of the 35-year-old woman and 40-year-old man at the address of the au pair and Walton “a complete fabrication.”

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