CO2 deficiency affects British beverage and food industries

b3d396af808d7ce4e9db7590ed9d1899 - CO2 deficiency affects British beverage and food industries

A shortage of carbon dioxide (CO2) affects Coca-Colafabrieken and threatens the food industry in Great Britain.

At least five factories in Europe that CO2 supply are closed due to maintenance. Therefore, Coca-Cola in Great Britain a portion of its production shut down. Also the British food industry is threatened.

Carbon dioxide (CO2), the gas that bubbles in carbonated drinks, is also used for farm animals to stun. According to the BBC, would, by gastekort several British food companies may be forced to reduce their production.

Quality Pork Limited, the largest pig farm in Scotland, would be affected by the gas shortage. So there would be too many animals in the stables.

The CO2-scarcity also affects the breweries in the country, and this during the world cup period. Heineken informed last week his British customers about possible deficiencies in the delivery of the brands John Smith’s and Amstel.


The shortage of CO2 is due to the large number of closures of European ammonia plants. The majority of the carbon dioxide used in the beverage and food industry is coming from these factories.

Ijsfabriek Strombeek, a company in Belgium CO2 produces, speaks of a great demand from abroad.

‘In addition to our own customers, we try to be as much as possible, to the questions from the foreign country to comply. We get orders from Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Eastern European countries. For fear they will run out, ” said general manager Dieter Soens earlier to The Standard.

Especially Great Britain is very dependent on European countries for the import of the gas.

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