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China: EOS dominated government ranking

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The government Centre for Information Industry Development (CCID) has been compared for the second Time, crypto-currencies and the block chain projects. This EOS has pushed the winner of the previous month, Ethereum, from the throne. Bitcoin slips from rank 13 to 17. Place.

The experts evaluated 30 Ledger on the basis of the technology, applicability and Innovation. With the best reviews in the categories of technology and Innovation, the introduction of managed EOS. Overall, EOS has achieved a rating of 161,5 points, closely followed by Ethereum 138.4 points, which led the table last month. Continue to Bitcoin, with a total score of 91.5 on the 17. is cut off Ranks and to four courts is slipped. And, although he tops the list in the category of Innovation still.

Place 1 for EOS – Centralist calculus?

EOS reached its top position, despite some start-up difficulties at the Launch on 15. June. CCID argues that the project “was very active in the field of technological Innovation” and a “new Generation of public Blockchain” that “enjoys in the industry currently, high Reputation”.

The CCID is a part of the Chinese Ministry of industry and information technology. Since may, there something currencies as a kind of independent rating Agency for Crypto. Because of its proximity to the regulatory-happy Chinese government’s doubts as to the independence of the CCID is, however, appropriate. The new Index is a Demonstration of the “trust of the Chinese government in the Blockchain-technology” and should serve as a “guide” for the technological avant-garde of the country.

May EOS is ranked in the Chinese experts also so high because he brings to the Delegated-Proof-of-Work-concept to application. This has the potential to be faster and more energy efficient than the verification via Proof-of-Work, but also carries the danger of a centralization of the voting rights. Crypto pioneer Nick Szabo formulated in regard to frozen accounts of its EOS-criticism on Twitter:

Conversely, we could assume that the Bitcoin was classified due to its decentralised structure worse.

Despite ICO-ban, no country is interested in the Blockchain technology as the China; at least, according to the number of blockchain-related patents that have previously been logged. In may, China has announced that by 2019, a single set of rules for Blockchain projects develop.

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