Carry Goossens and Danni Heylen are a kermiskoppel

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Carry Goossens and Danni Heylen can be found together on the shelves. Not as Oscar and Pascalleke, but if kermiskoppel in the theaterkomedie The ‘Sinksenfoor’. That the two actors all know so well, is a bonus.

Goossens creeps for The “Sinksenfoor” in the skin of Firmin, the boss of the paardenkoers. Heylen plays Vivianne, she stands in the Duck-Race-stall. Together they have a daughter, to whom two men at the same time, are in love.“Danni and I like to work together. We don’t have much need words to understand each other,” says Goossens in Day All.

That the two are inextricably bound up with Oscar and Pascalleke are connected, they know best. “Of course, there are people who only come and watch Oscar and Pascalleke again to see them together, but I didn’t mind,” said Heylen. Previously, Goossens difficult with the ‘champions-stamp’. “I am only to age thirty, start acting, and I wish not for this one character stuck.” All we saw Oscar already back in the second and third Champions movie. “I’m mellower now. It makes me now have fun when the kids Oscar say to me, as I him, but four years have played,” adds the actor. The fourth film, he allows to pass. According to Goossens is the story of Oscar done. The tyres now crosses on the stage, find them both fine. The‘Sinksenfoor’ playing from 29 June to 19 August in the Fakkeltheater in Antwerp.

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