Bv’s for the class!!!

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‘The Class’ comes back for a second season! This autumn will be eight well-known Flemish people a day for the class to spend teaching zestienjarigen. One solved recently the names of the teachers-for-a-day.

Do you have last year, also enjoyed ‘The Class’? Then there is good news, because this fall is One with a second season of the human-interestreeks, who is a great insight into the world of sixteen-year-old teachers are idolized by. A look at the lives of the new generation, with surprising opinions, sincere emotions, and unforeseen twists and turns.

Each episode gets a class zestienjarigen unexpected lesson from one of these well-known Flemish people: Wim Lybaert, Sven De Leyer, Dina Tersago, Adil El Arbi, Karolien Debecker, Jani Kazaltsis,Goedele Liekens, and Staff, and Mathias Coppens.

Taught by Dina Tersago or Jani Kazaltzis … or Adil El Arbi! How cool is that!!!


‘The classroom’ is a program of Woestijnvis. This fall on One.

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