Bush sr. bears Clinton-socks during visit

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The 41st president of the United States, George H. W. Bush (94), had previously taken into account with the visit of his good friend Bill Clinton (71). The ’old’ Bush had made especially for him a pair of socks is attracted with the image of Clinton, a president number 42. Via Twitter let Bush sr. his socks, with a wide smiling Clinton.

George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton

“Visit today from a dear friend! And now also a bestselling author. Luckily I had a clean washed pair of socks from him to make this occasion even more color!”, thus Bush.

Bill was not the only important visitor; Bush sr. tweette also about his newest family member Sully: a blonde labrador, specially trained to American veterans, support, and guide. The four-legged friend is on the picture obediently at the feet of both former presidents. His new owner is very happy, and writes: “I am enormously grateful for Sully and the organization of American VetDogs, for all that our veterans do.”

Since the death of Barbara Bush in april, Bush sr. nice gekwakkeld with his health and he has several times recorded. Until now, the ex-president time and time again from the hospital, and he came each time on top. “He is responding well to the treatments and book in progress. If there is some news surrounding his health, then we’ll report that,” according to his doctor.

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