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Bitcoin and Altcoins strong in the Minus: IOTA defying the downward trend

5149613d73b50fe882ba35ac05d40013 - Bitcoin and Altcoins strong in the Minus: IOTA defying the downward trend

The entire crypto market writes in the last 24 hours in the red, except for a crypto currency: IOTA. With regard to the upcoming Meeting of the politics in Buenos Aires, many investors have become (probably) unsafe and have pulled capital from the market.

A total of flowed within the last 24 hours, more than 30 billion dollars from the market, so that the mark Taka capitalising of 331 billion has fallen to today (editorial time) 296 billion dollars.

The only crypto-currency with a slightly positive Trend can, IOTA, with an increase of 4,23% and a price of 1.16 to the Dollar, as well as a corresponding market capitalisation of $ 3.2 billion.
At the present time, there are no apparent reasons which could stop investors to hold IOTA and your money from all of the other crypto-currencies to exchange into Fiat money. As we already reported on Facebook, Dominik Schiener at the 20.03.2018 be with Markus Lanz.

However, since the entire market shows a very strong Abwärtsztend and only IOTA continues to rise, is the increase of this rate with caution, since it could be a current Pump.

Meeting of the policy and the regulation of crypto-currencies

Regardless of seething at the Moment, the rumor mill, what are the decisions and regulations of the policy for the G20 Agenda in the next few days will discuss. The American Ministry of Finance sees anonymous currencies, such as the Dash, Monero and ZCash as problematic, since in this case the transactions can not be tracked, and so that money laundering could be operated.

The easiest would be a ban on the “Privacy Coins” to bind this way, it’s 100%. However, we are not able to imagine such a hard procedure.

Much more likely, in our opinion, that a clear Roadmap is developed, which persists all the stock exchange operator all necessary data to Identizifierung the user (“Know Your Customer” -KYC) to query and then make the financial institutions are available.

Especially Japan should have pushed in preparation for the Meeting to discuss the topic of crypto-currencies, and Anti-money laundering in more detail. At the present time, no precise timetable of the meeting held yet, but almost) all countries (agree that the block chain technology is a very positive Innovation that must continue to be promoted.

In summary it can be stated that it is to predict not possible to predict what changes are coming for the crypto market. It is important from our point of view, especially that a factual and reasoned discussion takes place and not about crypto currencies will be moved here, as in some places in consultation with the SEC before the US Congress.

The crypto market could not give in the next few days continues to be a piece, so that is another case of rates is, in our opinion, unlikely. Newcomers as well as already on the market, for investors, now is a good opportunity to buy.

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