Big names in the new season of The Class

915a279bdd2d9dc472c3df2d2ca7dbe1 - Big names in the new season of The Class

One solved just via an online video all of the names for the new season of The class. The second season of this human-interest series gives Flanders again, a glimpse into the world of sixteen-year-old teachers are idolized by. What do they think about the world and our society?
Each episode gets a class zestienjarigen an unusual lesson from an unexpected teacher. Eight familiar faces going into this new season on their own, spontaneous way with the students in dialogue about topics that really matter. They share their life lessons with the teens, but also, conversely, often new insights from them.

The eight faces, that is for the class of car this fall are:
• Wim Lybaert
• Sven De Leyer
• Dina Tersago
• Adil El Arbi
• Karolien Debecker
• Jani Kazaltsis
• Goedele Liekens
• Staf Coppens and Mathias Coppens.

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