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Bahamas planning their own crypto currency

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Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister K. Peter turn quest was on 20. June to the Bahamas Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference announced that the Central Bank of the Bahamas is planning to issue its own crypto currency. But it’s not meant to be a national digital currency. Also, the Blockchain technology is to a large extent to be used, and the Bahamas to the “digital Paradise” to collect.

The state of crypto currency as the banks set

Crypto fans agree that Bitcoin & co., as well as the Blockchain technology can revolutionize behind our lives. The resulting transparency and independence of national Supervisory authorities can facilitate many of the processes of modern life. But also for those who still have no access to banking services or no longer use, offer crypto currencies is the ability to manage their finances independently.

How the Jamaica Observer on 22. June reported that the government of the Bahamas to emit its own cryptocurrency. This is the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister K. Peter turn quest at 20. June to the Bahamas Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference known. He explained the crypto and the government’s plans:

“A digital currency of the Bahamas is particularly important for the many family Islands, as you have seen, how many commercial banks are reduced in size and its municipalities have withdrawn, so that you can use any of the banking services. As an island state, where the Transport is for many, in particular elderly people, can be expensive and costly, we need to offer financial services, digital and secure.“

With the Blockchain for the “digital Paradise”

To be able to turn a quest to underscore the ambitious project of the government with his hope, the island of Grand Bahama to the digital Paradise of the Region rise. The digitisation is to help initiate new business ideas and the digital structure of the Bahamas to expand. As a first step, turn the quest to create an Online interface by means of a Blockchain, so that Startups can register their business models in the Bahamas. Also the Blockchain is to be used, certificates for persons exhibiting, studying at the National Training Agency. But that’s not enough. The Blockchain technology should also be used for the issuance of business licenses, passports, and insurance, so that you can maintain their own data, and verifiable, and securely share.

As a turn quest in 2017, took the office of the Deputy Prime Minister, he already had his sympathy for the Blockchain technology, made known. So it was, in his opinion, to be able to make the country more efficient and the corruption in the government system to eradicate. We look forward to the digital future of the island nation and reports on the development of crypto plans.

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