Arjen is Well: “My bitch is angry’

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Arjen is Well-has a problem with his ’bitch’ and looking for the solution to his fellows on Twitter. And that works; suggestions no defect.

Arjen Is Well

“My bitch is angry because I am her Butler cutting board in the dishwasher had stopped and now he is crooked. Someone tips?”, ask the presenter of Sunday With Well. Followers draw their creativity out of the closet.

Some suspect that it all helps to ’her no bitch to call’. Chocolate and a bouquet of flowers or a new cutting board for her to buy, is revealed by the women in the company also a popular solution. But the men are thinking clearly more to the practical aspect. “Once inside, and then the other way around”, seems to be working. Or: “Bitch in the dishwasher and curve Butler to bed.”

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