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And yet, a consortium of Commerzbank in the Blockchain-fever

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Commerzbank joined in the last week of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). The EEA is the third Blockchain consortium, the German credit Institute.

Commerzbank shows a continuing interest in the Blockchain technology. This was already evident some years ago, the money house started to develop on the multi-chain platform. A little later, a more private Blockchain platform joined in with BigChainDB. 20. In June, Commerzbank announced in a press release, to be the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance joined. The EEA has written to the Flag, to connect both Startups and larger (Fortune 500)companies, academics, and technology providers with Ethereum experts.

Commerzbank handled with five different Blockchain Standards: in addition to the above, these also include Hyper Ledger and R3. What might initially give the appearance of randomness, this definitely has a method:

“The accession to the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is another important step in the diversification of our Blockchain activity and to Test different technology standards”,

is Jörg Hesse müller, responsible for Development and Strategy at Commerzbank, the press release said.

Not a Blockchain, but many

The buzzword here is diversification not in the sense of a wide range of Investments, à la “any Standard will be”, but under the aspect of the interconnected Blockchains.

So Paul Kammerer, co-founder of the Blockchain labs of the Bank, said in an Interview:

“We firmly believe that it is not a Blockchain solution, but many the big challenge is how to make them communicate with each other.”

A month ago, Commerzbank, and ThyssenKrupp have settled the first FX transaction via the Blockchain. For the implementation of the foreign exchange business, the Bank and the company resorted to the CORDA technology of the R3-Blockchain-consortium.

You may be excited about the Blockchain-the laboratory of the Bank as the next. The growing number of employees suggest that the DLT-Sandbox worked well so far: Within a few years, the number of employees grew from five to 23 – and the trend is rising.

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