Again transvestite Amsterdam afgerost

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Amsterdam – The capital city was last weekend, again the scene of homogeweld.

The Amsterdam transvestite Monique de la Fressange is the last weekend assaulted by three men while she was waiting on a taxi.

They had just finished a gig at bar, The Queens Head on the Seawall, when she was verbally abused and beaten. Manager Jakko ter Borg of the Amsterdam cafe has hardly any words for. “Gay-acceptance in Amsterdam seems to be at an alltime low.”

Transvestite Diva Mayday last year, the metropolitan council already at the bar called that something must be done in Amsterdam. In the city council she made her position clear. In January of this year, there was already an emergency debate within the council about the assault of a 24-year-old man. That was with a brick in the hospital as a musician.

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About the treatment of The, La Fressange, she says: “This was clearly a hate crime. Also because they are rotten is reviled for it all possible. She has reported to the police but the scare is there good in. This may not more people. Let everyone in his or her value. This must stop.”

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In the Amsterdam council, Jan-Bert Vroege, among other things, with this matter working. “What to the surface is but the tip of the iceberg. We have in the capital city with a huge amount of intimidation, threats, spit and verbal abuse to LGBT people. I want the congregation with a simple meldingsapp, so that we gain more insight into the incidents that we find in the street.”

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