Wout Van Aert and fiance just before their marriage followed

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Three days and veldritkampioen Wout van Aert in Herentals is a married man. On Friday, June 29, get the largest Belgian upcoming talent in the cycling world tied the knot with Sarah De Bie. Telefacts Summer brings a candid and intimate portrait of Wout and Sarah, because VTM wielerspecialist Merijn Casteleyn could the couple a few days to follow in the run-up to the big day. Merijn was there with the camera at a particular moment: when Sarah and Wout, their wedding rings were fit or they are with their parents the construction of their new house inspected.

The result is a portrait of two young people of 23 years, who for six years together and with a healthy dose of play to the big day toeleven. Also their parents tell in all honesty, but with the necessary humor, about their children. Their relationship between Wout, Sarah and their respective parents is also unique, because in that racing are they always the entire weekend, with six on the road. Each has its own task in the ‘family business’ of Aert.

Wout van Aert: “That’s actually one family, always together, to the cross. That is not difficult also not: such a camper is not large, and if you are there with four is seated, should you get along. For us, it is also very amusing to see. We can get them on the wedding party feel at the same table.”

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