Woman Stone Temple Pilots-guitarist Dean DeLeo asks divorce

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Jenn DeLeo, the wife of Stone Temple Pilots-guitarist Dean, her husband, sick and tired. She wants a divorce and accused him of cheating and domestic violence.

That reports TMZ. Jenn would be the separation a few days after a violent incident have requested. Dean would make her have threatened and admitted that he vreemdging. He did that for the eyes of their six year old daughter June.

The woman that started the behavior of her husband in 2012, shortly after it was born. Dean would have started with drugs and lots of alcohol. He was also supposed to be under the influence, their daughter almost let drown. In addition, he would be himself once nearly gassed. He did this because he is in the garage knock-out went of all narcotics, while the motor of the car turned and the door was. When Jenn him up, would he became furious, and her almost killed. Also claims to them that he is her a number of times has tried to strangle.

She is worried that Dean is just as ends when their good friend Chester Bennington, which put an end to his life. Jenn wants full custody of their daughter.

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