Willy Naessens and his partner celebrate yes-word on four different days

daae2af819c5a4abd2a9e9078af3df28 - Willy Naessens and his partner celebrate yes-word on four different days

The marriage of the West-Flemish industrial Willy Naessens, best known for “The Sky is The Limit”, with his partner Marie-Jeanne Huysman will not go unnoticed. The couple are celebrating their yes-word on four different days: 3, 5, 7 and 13 July. “Our marriage is a great feast of thanks!”, it sounds today in a press release of the entrepreneur.

The marriage before the law goes by on the symbolic date of 5 July. It is not only the birthday of Marie-Jeanne, but also the day on which they started in the company of Naessens, and the day he is her last year to marry early.

The church wedding followed two days later, on Saturday, July 7 at 11 am. In the suite will be 80 couples walk that are important to the couple. They will be supplied with 36 carriages, a replica of the original Sissi-horse-drawn carriage from the Sissi-movies with actress Romy Schneider. The ceremony will be outside the church on the big screen, and afterwards everyone is treated to a drink and a bite to eat. Then the couple, the party continued with family and friends.

In addition, various celebrations take place. On Tuesday, July 3, may voedingsklanten and the dense neighbors to come celebrate. On the day of the legal marriage is a feast for the industrial construction and zwembadklanten. The employees of the Willy Naessens Group may the festivities close on Friday 13 July. “It is a feast with all the trimmings, ambiance is assured with a special guest artist that we now have not many can say”, sounds.

The public WELFARE-families of Oudenaarde and Wortegem-Petegem get a food package on the occasion of the marriage.

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