’Weinstein could freely hunt in Cipriani’s hotels”

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Harvey Weinstein used the hotels and restaurants of horecamagnaat Guiseppe Cipriani as ’hunting grounds’ for women. That went even so far that he is certain penthouses mounted as his own personal ’sekshuizen’, message Page Six on the basis of reports.

Harvey Weinstein

In each case, three incidents of rape and sexual harassment would have taken place in a hotel or restaurant of Cipriani. Under more Lauren Sivan says that the Cipriani’s restaurant Socialista was where Harvey Weinstein her a tour offered – “you Have the restaurant downstairs already seen?” – and then, in a quiet corner of his genitals from his pants to withdraw.

“It was his hunting ground.” Laurens girlfriend would have to owner Guiseppe Cipriani have asked: ’My girlfriend is at Harvey, what do you think, should I seek it?’. “If it was my girlfriend, I would surely do that’, would his response have been.

“Call from the lobby”

According to sources in the Daily Beast got Weinistein full control over its whereabouts. He also had free rooms and unlimited access to penthouses. He used it to have parties to organize and to lure victims, say sources. He offered the rooms free to actresses to ’late in the evening to diving’. “If they stayed, he had the control over the women.”

Likewise, it would be the Italian actress pass, that in Cipriani’s hotel Mr. C in LA abused. “He did not know in which room she was staying, but he knew the reception to get her, so she phoned from the lobby, despite the fact that they had indicated that the producer did not want to see. The next moment throbs Weinstein on her door.”


The Daily Beast spoke more than twenty-four people who knew of the close relationship between Cipriani and Weinstein. “They loved both of power, money and beautiful women.”

A spokesperson for Cipriani’s responds: “Like many celebrities and people from the film industry, also stayed, Mr. Weinstein on many occasions when Mr. C in Los Angeles. To our knowledge, there are never reports of abuse or inappropriate behavior in the time that the incidents would hebbenb occurred. Because the investigation is still ongoing, one should ask the police of LA.”

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