Vlemmix pulls claims out of sympathy with Patricia

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Johan Vlemmix no longer wants money from Patricia Mine. The Dutchman has moved with pity for the diva and has therefore decided to set up his counterclaim from two tonnes to let go.

Johan Vlemmix has pity for Patricia Mine

That he confirms as a result of news coverage of the AD. “I’m always a fan of Patricia and do not want any money from her,” says Johan, who by Patricia for the court was dragged because of the sekspoppen that he wanted to make. The presenter is claiming damages of 30.000 euro from Johan. According to him, she remains with that requirement. Paays lawyer was Monday not immediately be reached for comment.

Johan has also learned that Patricia finances are not glorious at it’. “I want her even more money.” When Johan his counterclaim of 200,000 euros was submitted, he said immediately that all the money he could get to a good goal would be to go. “I do best with her. She is almost a good purpose.”

Business partners

The Oranjegek has a reason for its claim to withdraw. “I want to show that there is people in the Netherlands who have good intentions. This is not an admission of weakness, I let neat to see that things can be different. It is not about money.”

What Johan is concerned he and Patricia future business partners. “I’ve seen her various other deals done, for example, something with music. And also for Robert, I have some ideas,” says Johan about Patricia’s spouse. “But you have to work just for money, that they must also. I don’t want anything with them and am open to everything, but just give money, can I find legal extortion, and that is why I do not.”

’Expensive joke’

Johan is going to the lawsuit, that Wednesday should be full of confidence. “I have a hundred times more opportunity than they. There is absolutely no pop, I have no copyright infringed, I have totally done nothing. But I can demonstrate that my company is soap is helped.” He thinks that the case is ’an expensive joke’ is for Patricia. “They will be court costs to pay for.”

Still think Johan that he is one and the other one had better be able to tackle. “I thought sincerely that doll making would be fun. She could also have something to earn. In retrospect, it was perhaps a bit stupid to think that they liked it. Maybe I did something too quickly, acted or were my excuses are not good. Although I wonder when it is right.”

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