Victory Erdogan gives him more power than ever

56cb4d339b966ecfa4deac0d757f173f - Victory Erdogan gives him more power than ever

ISTANBUL – The electoral triumph of the sitting president Recep Tayyip Erdogan gives him the power and grip to Turkey, where he’s been striving for. Until at least 2023, he remains the most powerful man of the 81 million Turks.

The victory gets the Turkey a presidential system, with Erdogan great power, similar to the political system in the US and France. In a referendum voted in last year, a small majority (51 percent) of the Turkish voters for a constitutional amendment.

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The electoral council called Erdogan on Monday officially declared winner of the elections. With more than 99 percent of the votes made, can Erdogan (64) rely on 52.5% of the votes in the presidential election. His AK party was 42,5 percent of the votes in the parliamentary elections.

The opposition acknowledges the victory. For a long time they traveled in the results in doubt.

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